Stories from the Field; Meet Loise Akello

Loise's shop under Candlelight

Loise Akello is a shopkeeper in Kisumu, Kenya. She lives in an area called Car Wash, where she also sells everyday necessities, such as margarine, milk, coffee and so on. The shop is easy to keep running by day, but after dark it often becomes more difficult. Loise used to keep the shop open in candle light, which makes finding the product the customer is asking for, or even counting the change, a bit troublesome. On top of that, candles run out quickly, and Loise had to constantly buy new ones in order to keep the shop open after dark, which in the long run proved to be rather costly.

Now, Loise has bought a solar lamp from Givewatts. Her reasons, she told us, was because it is less expensive than constantly having to buy new candles, it can last for days without charging, and the lamp itself can endure and keep its quality in tough conditions. Loise also uses the lamp to charge her phone, which has been proven to be very helpful. She previously tried buying a different solar lamp, but to her disappointment, it proved to be a bit weak in both lighting and battery, and that’s why she decided to become a customer with Givewatts instead. According to Loise, the lamp she bought from us have served her well, and both battery and lighting is above satisfactory. She now hopes to continue upgrading her home and shop with a fridge for milk, a cooler and maybe a TV, with the money she saves, and earns, because of the solar lamp.

Loise's shop under the GIVEWATTS Solar Light

Loise’s shop under the GIVEWATTS Solar Light