Stories from the Field: Akinyi the Fishmonger

This week, while in Western Kenya, GIVEWATTS spoke to Mrs Akinyi – a fishmonger on the shores of Lake Victoria. Her husband is a fisherman and Akinyi sells the fish he catches in the local market. Akinyi bought a lamp from GIVEWATTS in 2015. Her main joy with the lamp had been its’ quality, the 2 year warranty and its charging capabilities. She had purchased another lamp from a different provider but it was ruined within a month and could not fully charge a mobile phone. With the GIVEWATTS lamp, she can fully charge two phones at a time. With four mobile phones in the household, this has been extremely beneficial. Akinyi is now looking towards purchasing a clean cookstove to cut costs on purchasing firewood and charcoal. She is also interested in a solar system that can power a flatscreen TV. Akinyi has experienced increases in her income by substituting kerosene with the Solar Lamp. The grades of her four school children have also improved since they begun using the lamp to study in the late evening and early morning.