Monthly Sales and Impact Report – November 2016

In November, GIVEWATTS reached 3,485 new people through the sale of 263 lamps and 151 clean cook stoves. More details in the Tables Below:   Sales 2016 Sales as of 31/10/2016 2016 Sales as of 31/11/2016 New Sales in November Solar Lamps sold (total) 25,569 25,832 263 Kenya 23,300 23,518 218 Tanzania 2,269 2,314 45 Clean Cook Stoves (Total) 3,342 3,493 151 Kenya 2,760 2,854 94 Tanzania 582 639 5 ... Fortsatt lasa

Support Christmas 2016 Fundraising Campaign

Clean light for studies. Mweni, 10 years old, doing her homework. Photo: Will Swanson(GIVEWATTS) GIVEWATTS now starts a fundraising campaign for a project in a new region,  South Narok in western Kenya on the border to Tanzania.  Narok County ha a population  900 000 people, most of which live completely off the grid and therefore uses kerosene, firewood and charcoal for lighting, heating and cooking. In this year's fundraising effort we aim to reach fi... Fortsatt lasa

Monthly Sales and Impact Report – October 2016

October marked another successful month for GIVEWATTS, we reached 3,485 new people in the month of October. We sold 530 new lamps and 167 new clean cook stoves. More details in the Tables Below: Sales 2016 Sales as of 31/09/2016 2016 Sales as of 31/10/2016 New Sales in October Solar Lamps sold (total) 25,039 25,569 530 Kenya 22,807 23,300 493 Tanzania 2,232 2,269 37 Clean Cook Stoves (Total) 3,175 3,342 167 Kenya 2,... Fortsatt lasa

Stories from the Field; Meet Loise Akello

Loise Akello is a shopkeeper in Kisumu, Kenya. She lives in an area called Car Wash, where she also sells everyday necessities, such as margarine, milk, coffee and so on. The shop is easy to keep running by day, but after dark it often becomes more difficult. Loise used to keep the shop open in candle light, which makes finding the product the customer is asking for, or even counting the change, a bit troublesome. On top of that, candles run out quickly, and Loi... Fortsatt lasa

Monthly Sales and Impact Report – September 2016

In the month of September, sales increased substantially for GIVEWATTS; sales were more than double those of August. As a result, 4880 new people were reached, compared to 2050 last month. More details in the tables below:           Sales 2016 Sales as of 31/08/2016 2016 Sales as of 31/09/2016 New Sales in September Solar Lamps sold (total) 24,263 25,039 776 Kenya 22,177 22,807 630 Tanzani... Fortsatt lasa

Stories from the Field: Akinyi the Fishmonger

This week, while in Western Kenya, GIVEWATTS spoke to Mrs Akinyi - a fishmonger on the shores of Lake Victoria. Her husband is a fisherman and Akinyi sells the fish he catches in the local market. Akinyi bought a lamp from GIVEWATTS in 2015. Her main joy with the lamp had been its’ quality, the 2 year warranty and its charging capabilities. She had purchased another lamp from a different provider but it was ruined within a month and could not fully charge a mo... Fortsatt lasa

The GIVEWATTS Model in Pictures

This week’s story comes in pictures as shared by Vincent, our sales agent based in Nakuru county. Follow the pictures to see how a typical GIVEWATTS sale unfolds: [caption id="attachment_9387" align="aligncenter" width="640"] First, he arrives at a school in the region[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9385" align="aligncenter" width="634"] Next, he requests an opportunity to present the lamps and cookstoves to teachers and available parents[/caption] [ca... Fortsatt lasa

Stories from the Field: Bahati Village

Mrs Tsui is a fruit and vegetable seller in Bahati, a small village about 50 kilometres outside Kilifi town. Until a few weeks ago, she had been using a Koroboi – Kerosene lamp – to power her shop in the evening hours. Because kerosene is expensive and does not produce sufficient light she usually closed her shop early in the evening. Irene, our sales agent in Kilifi county made the long dusty journey to Bahati village to sell solar lamps via the schools ... Fortsatt lasa

Monthly Sales and Impact Report – August 2016

August marked another successful month for GIVEWATTS; 349 Solar Lamps and 61 Cookstoves were sold. As a result, up to 2050 new people benefited in the month of August. More Details in the Tables Below: SALES  Total Sales 2015 as of 31/12/2015   2016 Sales as of 31/07/2016 2016 Sales as of 31/08/2016 New Sales in August     Solar Lamps     sold (total) 20,970 23,914 24,263 349 Kenya 19,413 22,031 22,117 146 Tanzania... Fortsatt lasa