Privacy Policy

We are happy you are showing interest in GIVEWATTS and visit our website. Here we would like to explain what happens with the data generated by your visit to our website and our webshop. 

We automatically collect data (such as IP-address, software and hardware) from you when you visit our website. This data is used to improve the experience, customer service, and sometimes how we use ads on our website. The collected data is owned by us and will not be sold or shared with any other company, without your consent. As the only exception, we use personal data from our webshop to send orders or communicate with customers. However, we use a trusted third party to maintain our website and webshop. 

We use cookies to improve access to our website identifying repeat visitors. Cookies can also help us improve user experience and make the experience more relevant, but cookies are not connected to personal data on our website. 

If you have given us your email address or other contact details we will use your contact details to send information and updates related to your order, rare newsletters, and customer service matters. If you do not wish us to get in touch with you, just let us know and we will erase your personal data. 

We keep personal data securely stored in.. (Star web) and (Squarespace analytics?). 

Using our website and webshop you agree to our privacy policy.