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Kakamega county is in Western Kenya, on the border to Uganda. The provincial capital, Kakamega, is small but the region has a very high population density, and is second only to Nairobi in terms of population size. The equator runs through the green landscape, and it has an average elevation above sea level of 1,535 m. The population lives on agriculture, and are subsistence farmers. The average income is low, but relatively steady since the land is very fertile, and there are many growing seasons.

Homa Bay County is located in Nyanza Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Homa Bay. The county has a population of just above a million, and borders Lake Victoria to the West and North. The population is mainly small holder farmers, with a few cows and goats for grazing. This renders them vulnerable to the growth in population, and climate change.

GIVEWATTS brings access to clean energy products as solar lamps. GIVEWATTS process has been developed into a process where the initial funding starts the distribution wheel. Our aim is to keep a balance between business efficiency and impact. 

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Clean energy solutions have socio-economic and environmental impact. We continuously use studies and research to calculate the impact. Use the button to read more about the impact. If you want to know your impact, please contact GIVEWATTS.

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