Monthly Report: 2017-03-31


27 062 solar lamps distributed

  • Through 1375 schools in eastern Africa
  • The lamps are being payed off by the households over a 3-6 months period, the money is then reinvested into new school projects

135 310 people reached

  • An average of 5 people/household benefits from the light and electricity from the solar lamp
  • Presence in Kenya, Tanzania and Congo

Improved Grades

  • The solar lamps replace light from kerosene lamps and firewood
  • The time for studying increase by the use of solar lamps. The lamp bring clean light for studies. Less time is spent on home chores as collecting firewood, buying kerosene and charging mobile phones far away from home
  • Research is done on the impact on studies by Powering Education

Better economy for the households

  • The average household spending on kerosene per year is US$ 170
  • Household cost per lamp: USD 55
  • 2 year follow up on household savings: USD 340 – USD 55= USD 285
  • 10%-40% of household income is spent on kerosene and mobile charging. Therefore the solar charged lamp creates a better economy for the households from the money savings.

Improved Health

  • Less eye and lungue related health issues by replacing kerosene lamps and firewood
  • Less kerosene related fire accidents